Wild Rowan Escoumins, Quebec (Ollin, 2002)
Mountain Ash Berries, Les Escoumin, Quebec (Ollin, 2002)  

Holistic Health Care Consultations

Jayne M. Ollin

Native American Herbology. Phytochemistry. Eastern Herbal Medicine. Diet and Nutrition. Homeopathy. Medical/Psychological Astrology

I have been offering consultations in holistic health and well being modalities since 1984. I work with clients as an educator and collaborator. I bring over 35 years experience and many healing modalities to client sessions. I do not diagnose or prescribe. I believe in working in tandem with Western Medicine helping my clients understand how complementary modalities can support and enhance recovery and healing. My ability to guide my clients is also informed by my skill as an astrologer. I have been a practicing astrologer since 1973. Please contact me for more information on how your chart can provide insight into healing crisis and recovery.

Formal Education/Experience:
Founder/Formulator Lakon Herbals (1985), Field Study/Research Native Medicinals 1975-present
Herbal Consultant/Lay Practitioner 1980-present, scope of practice: Women's Health, Family Health.
Diploma Homeopathy SNHS, Medical Aromatherapy, Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. MA Humanities/Depth Psychology, MS (CE 36 CH) Professional Counseling (Marriage & Family)/Addiction Counseling/Psychopharmacology 1999/2005/2017

Please contact me with questions or to set up an appointment.
Jayne Ollin 802-223-5563/802-449-7200 (cell). Email

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