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Below are a few samples of the many testimonials we have received over the past 35 years of making and offering this wonderful oil. We have introduced Saint Johnswort to our land in East Montpelier, farmed organically for 35 years. To add an extra boost to the healing properties of this amazing plant, are essential oils of Lavender from Bulgaria, and Helichrysum Italicum from Southern Ca. from a small farm and distillery. Thank's to all for sending your letters, please continue to do so. Your notes and letters continue to help others.
We continue to feel blessed to be able to serve you on your healing journeys.
~jayne November 2022

Oil of Hypericum - Customer Testimonials

Dear Jayne,
I find this product (Lakon Herbals Hypericum oil) most soothing and comforting. I am Happy that I was able to have a wonderful conversation with you this morning. I used your oil of hypericum for radiation burns, as I could not tolerate the steroidal creams.
P.s. I was referred by another patient in the cancer ward.
Thank you again for your help,
F. C.
West Hartford, Ct.

Thank you for the info…I found the Hypericum Massage so soothing as part of my post mastectomy healing process – still feel its value to injured nerves a year and ½ later. 
B.M., Vermont

Good Morning Jayne,
I am the person who sent J. S. to you. We communicated many years ago when I was facing my health challenge, recovering from breast cancer. I have sent a few people to you from the West Hartford Connecticut area and Connecticut.
To this day every Dr who looks at the area of my chest that I had radiation comments on how the skin looks…amazed as it didn’t take on that darker tone and rough texture. Also the scar looks amazing…they say oh who did your surgery…if they only knew it was your oil!
Kindest regards P. B. (West Hartford, Connecticut.)

Dear Jayne;

I have an old knee injury that has been giving me pain at night for over 6 months... I put your oil of Hypericum on that knee... and my feet... and no knee pain the past two nights... amazing!

Thank You; J.S.

Dear Jayne, I've just about run out of the bottle of St. Johnswort oil you sent to me last year, so I wanted to make sure and put in a request early for your next "batch". It has certainly made its rounds, healing everything from diaper rash to strained muscles! L.F. Sonoma Ca.

Dear Lakon Herbals,
I had been on lithium for three and a half years when I got the swine flu in September of 2009. I had been diagnosed as bi-polar in my early fifties after a couple of episodes I later attributed to a spiritual emergency, a need for a radical change after self defeating life choices. However, when I got the swine flu I didn't understand this and like a good girl went along with the psychiatric diagnosis and continued taking lithium and seroquel. I had severe headaches and was taking tylenol for five days straight when I began to suffer from heart palpitations. The local health center recommended that I get off the Tylenol and take Ibuprofen, which was a mistake on their part as people who are on lithium are not supposed to take ibuprofen. Ibuprofen increases the concentration of lithium in the bloodstream yet my psychiatrist had never made me aware of this fact.

After twelve days, between dehydration and the effects of taking ibuprofen, the lithium became toxic and I had brain damage, with results similar to a stroke.

My husband brought me to the hospital and once I arrived they told me that I had pneumonia and I had to be given extra oxygen. I was in the hospital for one entire week, during which they took me off the lithium and seroquel. Once I got home I had to be treated with antibiotics for three more weeks. I had to use a walker for about a month and then a cane for a couple months and I could not drive myself during that time. I looked as if I had aged ten or twenty years; when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like a zombie.

Once I was home I stayed off the lithium, although they let me use seroquel to help me sleep. I also used lavender essential oil to help me get to sleep. After several weeks off the drugs, I was told that I needed to go back on lithium because I was “mentally ill” and it was dangerous to stay off the drugs. The psychiatrist put me back on a lower dosage of lithium, 600 mg. During this time I drank cups of dissolved lecithin, which heals the myelin sheaths of the nerves. I also rubbed St. Johnswort oil liberally onto my feet each night as one of the benefits that St. Johnswort is known for is healing damaged nerves. I was recovering physically, however there were times when I felt disoriented; the psychiatrist increased the lithium back to the normal level. Unfortunately this damaged my brain cells again and reversed the healing that had occurred over the past several months.

Eventually, after almost a year of fooling around with other prescribed treatments and suffering from more dizziness, vertigo, and increased anxiety, I became fed up and went off all pharmaceutical drugs. It was clear that since my brain cells had been severely damaged by lithium I could no longer handle any more powerful pharmaceutical drugs. I was able to find a nutritional supplement called Empower Plus which helped to ease me through withdrawal from the psychiatric medicine.

Since my hospitalization due to lithium poisoning I have continued to use a 25% concentration of Lakon Herbals Oil of Hypericum Therapeutic Massage Oil, rubbing it liberally onto my feet every night, although the oil I used during the initial healing stages was a 100% concentration. My vertigo symptoms have gone away completely and I am able to dance again. My singing voice has gotten much better but is not quite the same as it was before the lithium poisoned my system. My brain cells have healed and regenerated tremendously and I attribute much of that healing to the St. Johnswort. For me, pharmaceutical drugs were terrible for my body. The St. Johnswort worked in a gentle way to heal my nerve cells and brain cells with no side effects and helped me to return to a normal, productive life, able to take care of myself and my family and to contribute to my community. I know this herb helped to heal my nerve cells but it is also possible that it helped, along with other therapies, to heal me emotionally as well. I am able to function without drugs and have none of the debilitating symptoms of bipolar disorder. (C. Noyes, Vermont. March 2013)

For a detailed paper on peer reviewed, scientific studies on the action of components found in SJW (St. Johnswort) please refer to the Health & Garden Page (link below) on this website for the following article "Saint Johnwort".   

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