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Essential Care Calendula Cream


Calendula Officinalis
Kablouna Variety

Photo Credit: Lakon Herbals

Calendula officinalis is recognized in The United States Pharmacopoeia(23 Edition), and The Pharmacopoeia of Great Britain.

as "a local application in various conditions of the skin and mucous membranes and even as a stimulant to wounds and ulcers."

We use the brilliant orange species which contain high levels of the "carotene rich" calendulin.

Essential Care Calendula cream is a soft version of a salve much like the standard creams one would find in an early twentieth century apothecary. Essential Care is prepared from the infusion of fresh herbs and essential oils in olive oil. Ingredients in order of predominance are: Olive oil, calendula, evening primrose seed, mallow root and flower, beeswax, and essential oils of lavender, carrot, chamomile, rock samphire and helichrysum italicum.

The herbs and essential oils in this cream are mildly stimulating and astringent, toning, nourishing, antibacterial and antifungal, and highly anti-inflammatory. We are excited to announce the more recent inclusion of rock samphire and helichrysum italicum essential oils, imported from a small distiller on the pristine island of Ikaria in Greece. These two essential oils are highly renowned and prized for their rejuvenating qualities. The formula is virtually unchanged from the original, Calendula is the predominant ingredient for good reason, for its long history of use worldwide given its antioxidant potential and free radicle scavenging bioactive compounds. In a recent study conducted in Romania in the Biochemistry and Phytotechny departments at Banat University, researchers found solid evidence of C. officinalis ability to "treat various skin ulcerations, exzema and conjunctivitis, and internally to soothe pain arising from stomach ulcers and inflammation" (Butnariu, M. & Coradini, C. 2012).

Essential oil of carrot seed (also from the Greek Island of Ikaria) is a well known skin care agent found in many cosmaceuticals, excellent for revitalizing dry and aged skin and general toning for all skin types. Some have found carrot to be exceptionally beneficial for use in cases of eczema. This may be attributed to eczema caused by fungal infections. In a series of studies conducted at the Institute of Chemistry (Opole, Poland) and the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Biotechchemistry & Biotechnology (Wroclaw, Poland), two constituents in carrot seed oil, Carotol and Daucol, demonstrated consistant and significant antifungal activity against pathogenic fungi.

We recommend this cream for daily use on normal skin after washing or bathing. It has a small amount of beeswax to solidify it enough to keep it on the skin for slower penetration of dry areas. Due to the high levels of organic ingredients this cream will be completely absorbed by the skin and will not leave a greasy residue.

Customer Testimonials:

Just received this testimonial from a long time customer:

I am 80 years old and have been using your essential care for 30 years. Before I started using it I had horrible seborrea on my face, and chronic dandruff on my scalp. Both of these problems cleared when I started using your product. I have tried everything else and nothing works like this product. Not only that, people keep asking me why I don't have any wrinkles! Howard Brent of Guilderland NY. (7/2021)

Hi Jayne, Happy New Year! The essential care calendula skin cream is incredible. In the cold and raw Maine weather we are using it on our faces before and after we go out to walk the dog and to ski. And we often use it as a body cream too. It is perhaps the finest skin care product (and the most versatile one) that we have used. We love the yarrow liniment as well. So glad that I discovered Lakon Herbals and that you offer these wonderful products. Regards, Brenda January 11th 2009

Lakon Herbals
To whom it may concern;
I would like to take this opportunity to write a testimonial about Essential Care Skin Cream for hands and face.  I have never written a testimonial before, but I feel it is very important to commend Lakon Herbals for their product.
My profession as a sailor for twenty-four years has damaged the skin on my hands and face, terribly.  I was looking ten years older than my age.  Acne was a problem from the creams and sunscreens I was using.  I started using Essential Care Cream and within two days friends were telling me how great I was looking.  One man I had not seen in two months was so surprised at my younger appearance.  My wrinkles have diminished and my acne is ten times better.  Thank you Lakon Herbals for making me feel and look younger then my age.

V.B., VA

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